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Northern Exposure: Blatant Media Echo Chamber Brought to Light in Oregon Occupation


Red Smith of the Shasta Lantern came upon the “Oregon Territory Society of Professional Journalists” who held a conference on April 16, 2016 in Portland, Oregon to discuss “Covering the Oregon Standoff” of the Ammon Bundy led Malhuer Occupiers which began in early January 2016. As events unfolded and the FBI began working in coordination with the Oregon State Police to murder Malhuer protest leader La Voy Finicum which was followed by the arrests of over 60 protesters it became evident the media in general were missing many of the main elements of the story. In short Oregon media outlets were following the same story lines which protected the federal and state agents in essence a media echo chamber existed. A close examination of these story lines with our sources on the ground in Harney County, Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas and Reno Nevada told a completely different story.


During our investigation of the shooting of La Voy Finicum there were several Oregon State Police officers who where directly involved in the shooting that were investigated by the Deshutes County Sheriff who revealed the orders to establish an ambush and to ultimately open fire and kill Finicum were following what they ‘thought’ were orders from “National Command Authority.”. Further research we uncovered numerous e-mails between Oregon Governor Brown and the White House at the same time the Finicum event went operational.The big question now is after the murder of Finicum is how “National Command Authority” is handling the media. Red Smith’s article clearly spells out a media echo chamber that has all the signs of Obama presidential advisor Ben Rhodes Iranian handy work.
10 Facts That Point Out LaVoy Was Murdered

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