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Explosive is the only word to use to describe Paul Preston's interview with Red Smith of the Shasta Lantern regarding the new revelations that have come from the Deschutes County Sheriff's investigation into the 'murder' of La Voy Finicum by a militarized multi agency law enforcement operation. At the heart of the interview is the 320 page investigative document released by the Deschutes County Sheriff and the release of e-mails from Oregon Governor Kate Browns office regarding the burns stand off.  Revealed is the connection to White House advisor Valerie Jarrett and what is referred to by the Oregon State Police as the "National Command Authority". Under this 'authority' Jarret had command and control of all operational aspect of the murder of Finicum.  Items discussed include: 1. the Oregon State Police, FBI and Harney County Sheriff wore NO identification badges or emblems, 2. all vehicles were un marked with no law enforcement labels for proper identification. 3. As part of the security briefing for agents involved there was emphasis on the fact that the 'consitutionalists' were in alignment constitutional Sheriff Palmer of Grant County and they were 'not friendly' to law enforcement. 4. Agent 16 in the interview on page 111 specifically mentions that Grant County Oregon is a U.N. 'Free Zone. 5. Items 3 & 4 were contributing factors as to why the multi agency law enforcement under the direction of  Valery Jarre at the "National Command Authority" changed  the location of the traffic stop from John Payne in Grant County to the ambush site in Harney County. 6 The Oregon State Police and Harney County Sheriff spent 2 days prepping the ambush site by cutting down branches and creating sniper positions.  

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