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Paul Preston reports on the killing of La Voy Finicum.  Paul gives the details of the killing including those agencies most involved. Paul explains that the media has picked up the FBI narrative that La Voy's killing was the result of hi reaching for a 9 mm gun in his left side and that the shooting was the result of a gunfight. Since the shooting death of La Voy Finicum and the narrative has been set by the FBI to the main stream media we need to state the obvious about the incident:

  1. The killing of La Voy Finicum was NOT a shoot out. Many in the media are reporting the action as a shoot out.  In order to have a shoot out there needs to be two opposing shooters. NOT in this case.  ALL the shots fired were fired by Federal Bureau of Investigation, Harney County Sheriffs Department and the Oregon State Police.
  2. There was never a gun or other weapon unholstered or touched by La Voy Finicum or the three in La Voy’s truck.
  3. In the first stop of Finicum’s truck where Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne were taken into custody a shot was fired at La Voys truck at Ryan Payne as he and La Voy were complying with the requests of the Oregon State Police to put their hands out the window so they can be seen.
  4. La Voy may have been shot as truck went into snow bank.
  5. There were hundreds of rounds, flash bang and tear gas fired at La Voy’s truck with occupants inside wanting to surrender. Ryan Bundy was wounded in hail of gun fire.
  6. FBI agents gave NO medical attention to La Voy Finicum.
  7. Agents stood over La Voy’s body, laughed and celebrated shooting Finicum
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