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AGENDA 21 RADIO JUNE 8, 2017 Oroville Dam Special


PAUL PRESTON appears on THE POWER HOUR with DANIEL BRIGMAN to discuss new revelations about the Oroville Dam and the events of February 12, 2017 when Butte County Sheriff KORY HONEA made the decision to evacuate 200,000 people down stream from the dam.  Paul explains Honea's actions in light of evidence that indicates the actual intent of the events leading up to his decision were planned out to destroy the dam which would kill as many as million people down stream and destroyed one of the worlds most valuable agricultural regions.  Paul reveals there were nuclear devices that were removed from the dam following the decision to evacuate.  The nuclear devices were A.D.M.s 'Atomic Demolition Munitions".  A.D.M.s are used for destroying dams.

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